Directors Service Address

£19.00 ex VAT@20%

Directors Service Address

A Directors Service Address for just £19 p/a

Priced:  Per Director, Per Company, Per Year:



Directors Service Address

A Service Address for just £19 p/a

What is a Directors Service Address?

Companies House legally require all directors of UK companies and partners of LLP’s to register an address for the director on the public record. This address can be viewed by the public on the Companies House website.

Any legal documents from Companies House or HMRC will be sent to a Director at their Service Address.

Many people choose their residential address without being fully aware this is in the public domain and accessible by anyone. Protect your privacy with a Directors Service Address facility. The correspondence address for a Director is public, our Directors Service Address protects your privacy and gives you a discrete public address on Companies House.

The benefits of this service:
Protect your identity and address with a real, discrete, correspondence address which includes free Statutory Mail forwarding (mail from HMRC & Companies House, addressed to you as a Director of a Company); this mail will be scanned & emailed.

What address would you use?
Your Name 

Your Company Name

61 Bridge Street, Kington,  HR5 3DJ      (or 61a Bridge Street, if you prefer).

This is a real address on a real street, giving your business credibility.  (We do not use suite/Unit/Box Numbers here, just a real address).

What about my Post?
With our Directors Service Address we will receive and forward your Statutory Mail (mail from HMRC or Companies House addressed to the Director of a Company) free of charge. This mail is scanned & emailed worldwide. This is completely free of charge and we do not charge any mail handling or any other fee for Statutory Mail sent to the Director the Company and forwarded to you this way. This makes our service address an affordable and popular option for many businesses and start-ups, it can be used by businesses of any size.

We will forward Post as soon as possible after it arrives. We are also happy to hold mail for a time if you are not able to receive forwarded mail at your end, just let us know. (If we are to hold mail for an extended time, we may charge storage fees).  If you want your mail posted after scanning we are happy to do this, but we charge 2x the postage cost for this service.

Only Statutory Mail will be forwarded with this service, this mail will be scanned & emailed; if you want other Business Mail forwarded or a Registered Office Address etc. then these additional facilities can be purchased at any time.

Important Information

  1. The cost of the Directors Service Address is just £19.00 per year and this allows one director to use this address. If more than one director requires this service, you will be required to purchase the Directors Service Address facility for each director. The service is not transferable if the directors of the company change.
  2. This service is to be used for a single company, so if you do require a Directors Service Address for multiple companies, then you will need a Directors Service Address per company.
  3. If you purchase a Directors Service Address, your listing on Companies House will be checked periodically.  If we find that a Company is showing as using our address as the company Registered Office without having purchased a Registered Office facility, this service will be invoiced-for from the date of commencement of using our address.  We will not forward any mail when an account has an unpaid invoice for services being used, until the account is in good standing.

Our Directors Service Address gives you a discrete correspondence address for Statutory Mail and is an ideal way of gaining a confidential address for display on Companies House without expensive overheads.

Your security is at the forefront of our service, your address is safe with us.

Mail & Parcel Forwarding Fees with all of our services are:

  • Forwarded mail or parcels sent by Post are charged at the Royal Mail rate x 2 ( + any envelopes or wrapping materials used). A minimum charge applies which is the Royal Mail 100g Large Letter Price x 2
  • If we arrange a courier to deliver your mail or parcels, we charge £25.00 ( + any envelopes or wrapping materials used) on top of the courier fee.
  • If postage or courier costs are pre-paid by the client (you book your own courier) we charge a handling fee of £12.50 per item ( + any envelopes or wrapping materials used).
  • If parcels are collected from our office in person, a handling fee of £2.50 per item collected is charged.
  • With the Low User Mail Forwarding Service there is a mail handling fee of £2.50 per item forwarded (or collected), this is charged in addition to any scanning, courier; postage or collection fee. This fee in not charged with the Full Mail Forwarding Service
  • For any mail that is forwarded-on by Royal Mail, the minimum postage charge we make is 2 x the current price charged by Royal Mail for a Large Letter, up to 100g.
  • If we Scan & Email your mail, we charge 15p per side of paper with content scanned.
  • Mail Disposal Fee: We charge disposal fees for mail that is not forwarded or returned to sender. These are: Standard sized letters 20p per item; Large Letters & small packets 50p per item; Parcels from £1 per item £10 per item dependent on size and contents.
  • No items of Business Mail or Personal Mail or Parcels are forwarded free of charge (except mail from HMRC & Companies House sent to a company or company director that has a Registered Office or Directors Service Address facility; this mail is scanned & emailed free of charge. If this mail is posted then the fees above are charged)
    All our prices are plus vat.  We do not give credit for forwarding mail, the forwarding costs need to be paid in advance of the item being sent.



Other services you may need, or wish to have, include:

Registered Office Service

Get a Real UK Registered Office Address for just £19 per year

A registered office is a legal requirement for all Companies registered at Companies House.

It is the official address of the incorporated company and is publicly available for anyone to view.

Our Registered Office Service provides an official, public address for a company.  All companies are legally required to display the registered office address on business correspondence such as letters and on the business website etc

This service will also forward any Statutory Mail sent to the Company free of charge.

Note: If you purchase a Registered Office Service, your company listing on Companies House will be checked periodically.  If we find that a Director is showing as using our address as their Service Address without having purchased a Directors Service Address facility, this service will be invoiced-for from the date of commencement of using our address.  We will not forward any mail when an account has an unpaid invoice for services being used, until the account is in good standing.


Business Mail Address & Business Mail Forwarding – From £19 per Year

Business mail that would normally be sent to an office address are not included in the free forwarding of Statutory Mail provided by the Registered Office Service.

Letters from banks, clients and suppliers etc. that you would normally expect to receive at an office address are not included with the Registered Office Service but you have the option to have this mail sent here and forwarded on to you at low cost.

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